Mosque Re-Opening

Assalamu alaikum respected brothers and elders,Alhamdulillah, with the mercy of Allah SWT, we will be opening Portsmouth Jami Mosque to all musallians for Jamaat prayers from Fajr Prayer on Wednesday, 02 November 2020.As you are aware, we must follow strict government guidelines to keep the Mosque open. According to the latest MCB health and safety guidelines, we must adhere to the following conditions set out below:


(1) Please bring yo
ur own prayer mat to pray in the Masjid and take it back with you, in order to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.
(2) Please bring a
plastic bag with you to keep your shoes in and place it besides where you pray.
(3) P
lease perform wudu or use the toilet before coming to the Masjid.
(4) We advise
you to use a face mask when you come to the Masjid for your own safety as well as others.
(5) Please use hand sanitizers when entering and leaving the
(6) Please stand in a row as marked on the floor during individual or congregational
prayers in the Masjid, whilst maintaining the social distancing rule.
(7) Please follow the social distancing rule at all times.
For instance, when entering and leaving the Masjid.
(8) Please keep tissues in
your pockets at all times. In the event of a sudden sneeze, use your tissue. Bin it and immediately wash your hand or use the sanitisation provided.
(9) If you use the toilet or ablution facilities due to an emer
gency, please ensure it is clean before and after use.


(1) Please do not shake hands or make any close contact inside or outside the Masjid.
(2) Please do not use the toilet or ablution facilities unless it is ur
(3) Ple
ase do not use the Masjid’s books, Quran, Tasbih etc. You can bring your own instead, and take it back with you.
(4) For the Friday prayer, p
lease do not start any Sunnah prayer after the Jamaat as it is advised to pray this at home. This is also recommended for the daily Jamaat's, to minimise the risk of spread.
(5) Please do not attend any Jamaat if you are over 70, vulnerable,
children under 12 and people suffering from any cold and flu type symptoms.

Please cooperate at the entrance during the registration of your n'ame, address and phone numbers.

The Masjid can provide disposable prayer mats and plastic bags for your shoes if required. For these a small donation will be greatly appreciated.Friday Jamaat will be at 1:30 PM. The entrance for the Friday prayer will be from the Ladies entrance and this will be open from 1pm. Exit will be via the Main entrance. We are limited on numbers, therefore a first come, first serve basis will be used. May Allah SWT protect us all Insha Allah.There will not be any ladies facilities at the moment as this is the first phase of opening the mosque. In Shaa Allah we will try to facilitate this in the upcoming phases.
Jazakallahu Khai
ran for your cooperationo. It is highly appreciated.
Nizam AhmedPortsmouth Jami Mosque